Proven method to get a Free iPad! As seen on CNN,BBC and NBC

Free iPad: FAQ Free iPad - Proven Method to get your free ipad! As seen on BBC,NBC and CNN!

Free iPad!

"If you think that getting a free iPad is a myth, then we have to tell you that getting a free ipad, is a reality"


"Why do i have to complete an 'offer'?"

By completing your 'Offer' is how you are able to receive your free gift from the website because they receive a commission for each person that completes a company's offer and so you are able to receive your gift.

"Are there any free 'Offers'?"

Yes! There are some free 'Offers' that are FREE TRIALS that you can do (For example Lovefilm or Intuit). You don't need to spend a single dime! You just sign up with your Paypal, try it for a week and then when the offer is completed, just cancel it!

"How long does it take to receive my Free gift?"

This is up to you.You will have to get all of the referrals to get your free gift. So, you will have to wait untill you have enough referrals.

"What's a 'green' and what a 'red'?"

A 'green' is a referral who has completed his offer and counts as a referral. A 'red' is a referal that doesn't count because he hasn't completed his offer.

"How can i convert a 'red' to a 'green'?"

By sending emails to that person and trying to convince him with real proof. It rarely works but it's really worth it.

"Can i have more account than 1?"

No you can't because they'll ban you. Also if you have anyone in your family, for example a sister or brother that wants an account then he can't because you both use the same IP address and that will ban you.

"Will they send me any Spam or Junk email?"

No.This website takes very seriously their 'No Spam' policy and remeber if you spam for your referrals you will get banned!

"After receiving my gift, will i have to complete another offer?"

No, because when you complete an offer it will be completed for ever and you don't have to worry about that.

Powerful A6 chip, Ultrafast wireless and a Brilliant 4-inch Retina display all in a thinner product?

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